Bookshelf for Plants

Bookshelf for plants

It’s about time to get seeds started, and this year I needed to find an efficient way to get more seeds in the sunshine without resting containers on windowsills all over our house. I thought building a shelf to set in front of a window could work – and luckily we just happened to have a bookshelf laying around for the last few years that had never been put together.  I got to work (reading instructions) and Nick came in and saved me by putting it together in a half hour, rather than three.  The only modification we made to the shelf was leaving the cardboard backing off so that the sun shines through.

Bookshelf for plants

For now we have our herbs, aloe, and potted plants sitting pretty on our window bookshelf, but soon we’ll start our tomatoes, peppers, and more.

Basil grow jar


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